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HSX6 Mounted Compactor

HSX6 Mounted Compactor

Ref: HS X6

The Stanley HSX6 Mounted Compactor is a medium sized unit in the Stanley range. It is suitable for carrier's of 4,000-13,500kg. The HSX6 can be used on a backhoe or excavator as an effective compacting machine capable of far greater performance than hand held tools.

Trenching - Labour intensive hand held compaction techniques are no match for a Stanley Compactor. With a Stanley Compactor you won't have to shore the trench and you can compact 2 to 4 feet of backfill lift in one pass. Compare that to a 6 inch lift for hand held units.

Slopes - There is no better way to compact on inclines or hard to reach areas with a Stanley Compactor. In areas where hand held units can't work and are too steep for rollers, count on your Stanley Compactor.

Pile Driving - Driving piles is another application for your Stanley Compactor by putting it to work driving materials such as piles, posts, sheeting, I-beams, soldier piling, guard rail posts and pipe.

All Stanley Compactors are fitted with the additional safety feature of a flow limiting valve which ensures no matter what circuit your compactor is fitted too, it will not be damaged by an excess of flow.

Please Click on the PDF files below for more information.

2014 Mounted Compactors Brochure 03-10-2014.pdf

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